SOLDAT 1.4.2 (c) 2001-07 Michal Marcinkowski




:=-==SOLDAT MANUAL (11.08.07 english)==-=:


The Story
Getting Started
Default Controls
Game Modes
Game Options
Game Screen
Dedicated Server
ANTI-CHEAT Protection
Version History
License and distribution

Registering Soldat - info here



    Soldat is a unique side-view multiplayer action game. It takes the best from games like Liero, Worms, Quake and Counter-Strike and gives you fast action gameplay with tons of blood and flesh. Soldiers fight against each other on 2D battle arenas using a deadly military arsenal.



Minimum requirements:
- A PC, a keyboard, a mouse, a brain
- 333mhz processor
- Video accelerator that can run Direct3D
- Graphics card compatible with DirectX 8.1
- 32 MB RAM
- Some free MB on disk
- Sound card
- Network card or modem
- Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
- Microsoft DirectX 8.1


:---===THE STORY

    It's Quake style:
A couple of guys decided to kill each other and you can be one of them.




The easiest way to start a game:
- Select a map from the MAPS listbox on the right
- Select some bots from the BOTS checklistbox on the far right or some random bots from the RANDOM BOTS field
- Click the START GAME button


 If you want to play with other people, you have to decide how first:

a) You start a game and others join you

    Click on the OPTIONS menu. In the NETWORK options select connection type (Connection - LAN /Internet). Set the online players limit (Max Players - should be small if you have a slow internet connection). The game can be registered in the lobby server in internet games (REGISTER IN LOBBY SERVERS), so other players can find your game in the JOIN GAME servers search. Now select a game mode, some maps from the list and press START GAME in the first menu. If your game has been successfully registered in the lobby server you will get a message in the game.

b) You join a game

    Click on the JOIN GAME menu. If you know the IP address of the server you want to join then type it in the REMOTE HOST IP field. If you want to search for active servers in the internet or LAN, click REQUEST SERVERS. Double click or select a game from the list with the lowest PING time and with players on, then press JOIN GAME.



[A] - run left
[D] - run right
[W] - jump
[S] - crouch
[Left Mouse Button] - fire
[Right Mouse Button] - fly
[E] - hold down or release after a while to throw grenade
[F] - throwaway current weapon
[X] - go prone position
[Q] - change weapon to secondary
[R] - reload weapon
[T] - chat
[Tab] - activate/deactivate weapons menu while waiting for respawn

The above keys can be changed in the PLAYER options.

Flag throwing - Hold jump key + crouch key (default W+S)
Backflip - Jump backwards and press the fly button

[/] - enter command
[F1] - players list with scores
[F2] - minimap on/off / [ALT + F2] -
show/hide sniper line
[F3] - statistics (FPS, ping, network bandwith) /
[ALT + F3] - hide player names
[F4] - take screenshot (saves it to Soldat\Screens)
[F5] - stops/plays music
[F6] - previous music track
- next music track

- record/stop demo / fast forward while playing demo
- minimize the game
- pause game
- + a,b,c... or 1,2,3...0 keys - chat taunts or commands
[ESC] - stops the game and shows the game menu


:---===GAME MODES:

1. Deathmatch
    Everybody fights against each other. The one who kills the most wins.
Recommended Respawn Time: 3-6 seconds.

2. Pointmatch
    The same as Deathmatch but here you fight for points. There is a yellow flag on the map, when you carry it you double your points for kill. You can also get points for multikills. For killing 2 guys in a row you get double points, when you kill 3 you get 4 times more points. If you carry the flag and kill 6 guys in a row you can get 64 points!
Recommended Respawn Time: 3-6 seconds.

3. Rambomatch
    Rambo - First Blood style. On the map there's John Rambo's Bow. The one who takes it gains super powers and can regenerate health. The rest of the players hunt him for the bow because only Rambo gets points for kill.
Recommended Respawn Time: 6-10 seconds.

4. Teammatch
    There can be 4 teams on the map (Alpha Team, Bravo Team, Charlie Team, Delta Team) that fight against each other. The team that gets the highest score (sum of all kills) wins.

5. Capture the Flag
    A competition for two teams (Alpha Team & Bravo Team). To score you have to steal the opponents team flag and bring to your base with your flag.

6. Infiltration

    There are two teams (Alpha Team and Beta Team). The blue team has a base with a black flag, that they must defend. The goal of the red team is to steal the black flag and bring it to the white flag (usually near the reds spawn place). Recommended Realistic Mode.

7. Hold the flag

    Two teams (Alpha Team and Beta Team) fight over the yellow flag. The team that holds the flag gets points every couple of seconds.




Standard options available in the OPTIONS menu:


Respawn Time:
Normal Respawn
Time, in seconds, that you remain dead until your next respawn.
Used in Deathmatch, Pointmatch and Rambomatch.
Maximum Time in Team Games -
In team games (Teammatch, Capture the Flag, Infiltration) the respawn system is called Wave Respawn.
During the game there is set a global respawn timer for all players. It's cycle depends on the number
of players in the game. When it goes to zero everybody that have been killed before - respawn and the timer
starts again. For example: When there is 20 players (10 in each team) the timer will reach zero every 40 seconds.
Every 40 seconds everone that died in that time will respawn. Maximum Time in Team Games is used so that this
time isn't too long, it shortens it to the value you set.
Option to turn off bonuses.
Frequency -
Frequency of special bonuses appearing. 0 - never... 5 - lots.
Option to turn off weapons.
Maximum Grenades:
The maximum amount of grenades you can carry. It is also the number of grenades you pick-up in the
boxes. On respawn you get half of this amount.
Friendly Fire -
If checked you can kill your teammates. Not recommended in internet games.
Bullet Time
When all players are nearby (on one screen) and someone is killed the game goes into bullet time mode which is a cinematic slow motion effect.
Mouse Sensitivity -
The sensitivity of mouse cursor movement.


Connection -
The type of network game you want to play (LAN/Internet).
Maximum Players -
Maximum number of players that can join your server.
Register in Lobby Servers -
When you start a server it can register in lobby servers so people can find it in the JOIN GAME servers browser.
Game Name -
The name of your game server. It will be shown in the servers search.
Game Password -
Your game servers password. Only players that know it can join.
Balance Teams -
Players that join server will be forced to join the team with less players. Works in CTF and Infiltration.


Interface Style -
You can change the style of the game interface. Interface Style changes the graphics, cursor, position of statistics and more.
Player Indicator -
If is on you will see a little arrow above your player, so you know which one is yours.
Sniper Line -

Draws a line between the player and the cursor which helps aiming on far distances.


Difficulty -
Affects bots accuracy and behaviour.
Chat -
If on the bots talk from time to time.


Sound Volume -
The sound volume in percents. Also affects the MP3 player volume.
Music Volume -
The volume of the Game Music in percents.
Explosion Effect -

The effect that happens when something explodes near your player (you become deaf for a few seconds and hear a whistle sound).
Distant Battle -
Turns on/off distant battle sounds.
Game Music -
Original game music that can be played during the game.
MP3 Music -
A list of MP3 files that will be played during the game. Soldat uses M3U lists which can be created manually or with an mp3 player like Winamp. You need to put the playlists in the Soldat MP3 folder (ex. c:\soldat\mp3).

In the Start Game options:

Kill Limit, Point Limit -
When a players Kills or Points reach this number the round ends. In Teammatch the team score must reach it.
Capture Limit

Flag captures limit in Capture the Flag mode.
Time Limit
Amount of time that the round is played in minutes.
Survival Mode -
There is no respawning in this mode. After a player is killed he has to wait until there is one man standing or one alive team and then the round ends and everybody respawns again.
Realistic Mode -
This mode is for advanced players.
- Players have low health
- Falling damage
- You see only what your player sees. If someone is behind a wall you won't see him.
- Weapons have recoil. After a shot your cursor goes up
(To prevent this you should fire single shots or short bursts).
- No special bonuses.
Loop -
Loops the map list. If not checked the game ends after the maps are finished.
Random Bots -
The number of random bots that will play the game.
In team games this option is next to the team name.


In the Soldat Setup options:

- Graphics

Fullscreen - if on the game runs in fullscreen mode. Some problems can be solved in window-mode.
Dithering -
useful in 16-bit color mode. It smooths the colors so they look like 32-bit.
Antialiasing -
it smooths the whole game. Available only on video cards that support it (like GeForce).
Bitrate - color mode. 32-bit is better, but not all cards are compatible with it (like Voodoo).
Refresh Rate - the rate of monitors refresh.
Video Adapters - available video adapters.

- Sound

Sound Quality - sound output quality.
Sound Output Type - available sound devices.
Sound Driver List
- availale sound drivers.

- Performance

Particles on screen - amount of extra elements like: blood, smoke, gun shells, dust.
Bot Seeing Quality - the quality of the bots eye. Affects the games performance.
Render Bullet Trails - renders long bullet trails.
Render Weather Effects - renders snow, sand or rain.
Render Smooth Polygons - renders nice smooth polygon edges.
Show Death Console - show the kills console in the upper-right corner.
File logging
- turns on/off file logging (console logs and kill logs).
Auto record- The game automaticly records the last minute (configurable in soldat.ini) of the gameplay (in demos/autodemo.sdm). The recording can be saved at any time by pressing F8 (saved in another file demos/autodemoX.sdm). Press F8 twice while autorecording and you can record a normal demo.

- Network

Game port - the server's port that players will join.
Internet connection speed
- the speed of your internet connection.
Max Ping
- the maximum ping time that players can have on your server.
Servers greetings message
- the message that is displayed for people that join your server.
Never forward clients - if you have a firewall with open ports check this, so that clients don't have to override the firewall through the lobby server.
Register server with All-Seeing Eye - the server registers in All-Seeing Eye (http://www.udpsoft.com).
Server Link - a link that will be displayed on the lobby servers web page. It can be the servers www page or admins e-mail.

- More

Video Compatibility - use only in emergency.
Force Software
- runs the game without hardware video acceleration.
Blank Screen while bonus fix (old ATI cards) - fixes the problem with the blank screen if you take Berserker for example.
Texture Filters
- change if you're bored.
Backbuffer Count - change if you're really bored.
Languages - Change - allow to change the language of the text in Soldat (language files are placed in the Soldat\Txt\Languages folder)


Non-standard options are available in the SOLDAT.INI file.



The Soldat HUD:

- The Bars in the bottom of the screen are:
Red - Health
Yellow - Ammuniton or Reload Time
Little Gold - Fire Interval Time
Blue - Jet Fuel

- Player Status [on/off F2] is usually placed above the jet fuel bar:
First green number, from the top: your place in the game / number of players.
Middle red: your kills/points and points to leader.
Purple: Kill Limit/Point Limit/Capture Limit in the game.
In a network game you will see a lag-o-meter
- a dot that changes size and color depending on your ping time.

- In Teammatch mode in the bottom right there is a column of numbers showing team scores.

- In Capture the Flag or Infiltration mode in the bottom right there are numbers showing captured flags by a team or teams points. When a flag is out of base you will notice also a crossed flag symbol.



   To select a weapon use the numerical keys 1-9,0 after start or when waiting for respawn. You can throw away your weapon and pickup another. You can carry two weapons (Primary & Secondary Weapon on your back).

Selectable weapons:

1. Desert Eagles
Akimbo weapon! An automatic hand-gun that can break a man's arm. That's why it doesn't fire so frequently but the bullets can easily pierce thick armor.

2. HK MP5
The most popular submachine-gun in the world. Fast and furious. In short ranges it can defeat heavy weapons.

3. AK-74
Modified version of Automat-Kalasznikov from 1947. Weapon of terrorists and most of world's army forces. The best rifle in the past 50 years.

4. Steyr AUG
This weapon looks like a toy but it sure isn't. With great speed it spits out bullets killing everything in a fast attack.

5. Spas-12
This Shotgun makes a massacre with its 12-Gauge bullets. The best weapon for close-contact.

6. Ruger-77
A hunting rifle. Very fast and accurate. Good for hunting deers and people.

7. M79
The famous grenade-launcher from the Vietnam War. Viet-Cong quickly ran to the bushes when they heard its characteristic sound. The 40mm grenade can blast anyone into pieces even after a shot behind a hill.

8. Barret M82A1
This sniper weapon has incredible power. It was designed to pierce tank armor. The Army didn't even plan to use it against people. But who cares?
Sniper mode available if you crouch or go prone.

9. M249 (FN Minimi)
The best machinegun with great firepower. Can be very helpful for backing-up your team.

10. XM214 Minigun
The famous "O'll Painless" from the movie Predator. This chaingun is mounted on army helicopters. It uses a tremendous amount of ammo and can kill the same amount of enemies.


Standard arsenal:

 Standard US special forces weapon. You get it always after respawn as a secondary weapon.

Combat Knife
 Standard infantry combat knife. One direct hit with this little thing eliminates the enemy at once. Best for covert operations.
Can be also used as a throw knife with the throw weapon button.

 A chainsaw used for cutting piles of wood. If somebody finds a different use for this please let everybody know.

M72 LAW 
Anti-tank weapon, fires an explosive missile. Can be used only from the crouch position.

 After throwing out your weapon you can play Rocky.

Fragmentation Grenades
 Doesn't kill immediately but a good tactical throw can harm or kill a couple of enemy's at once.
 On start and when you pickup the green box grenade supplies.

Special weapons:

Rambo Bow
 The famous Bow of John Rambo available in Rambomatch mode. Great for stealth operations. Silent, fast as lightning and lethal. You can change to exploding arrows with the change weapon key.

 Is used to set other players on fire. Available after picking up the Flame God bonus.


Weapons settings are moddable by editing the file weapons.ini.



    On the map you can pickup several bonuses, that spawn from time to time:


Regenerates your health to the maximum level.


Holds the amount of grenades you can carry (1-5).

  Cluster grenades

3 grenades that explode when hitting the ground. After that they throw out deadly explosive pieces.

  Bulletproof vest

It uses quickly but can save your life.

  Flame God

Duration: 10 seconds

You become the immortal master of fire! You get a flamethrower to burn enemies and also immortality, all in one. Flame your opponents without risk and laugh at them when they try to runaway!


Duration: 15 seconds

In one word: massacre! Your weapons are four times stronger in Berserker Mode. Crush your enemies with a couple of shots!


Duration: 25 seconds

Become the lonely hunter! In Predator Mode you are invisible. Also, no one can hear your gun fire but if you fly and fire too much, you will become a ghost and therefore easier to strike! Also, remember that if you're hurt by the enemy he will see your blood. Try to steal your opponents flag in CTF mode now!



After pressing the "/" key you can enter one of the following commands:

Player commands:

KILL harakiri
BRUTALKILL very harakiri
SMOKE player lights or ends a cigar
TABAC player chews some tobacco
TAKEOFF player takes off his helmet
VICTORY player cheers
PAUSE/UNPAUSE pauses/unpauses the game
Server commands:
ADDBOT bots name adds a new bot to the game
KICK players name or players number removes a player/bot from the game
BAN players name or players number bans the player on the server so he can't join in again
BANIP IP number bans the IP number
UNBAN IP number unbans the IP number
MAP map name changes the map
RESTART resets the current match
NEXTMAP changes the map to the next one in the list
ADM players name adds the player to the Remote Admins list
ADMIP IP number adds the IP number to the Remote Admins list
UNADM IP number removes the IP number from the Remote Admins list
KICKLAST kicks the last player that entered the game
RESPAWNTIME seconds changes the respawn time
MAXRESPAWNTIME seconds changes the maximum respawn time in team games
LIMIT number changes the current kill/point/capture limit
TIMELIMIT minutes changes the current time limit
PASSWORD text changes the game server password (temporarily)
SETTEAMx player number forces the player to join team x
ADDBOTx bots name adds a bot to team x
FRIENDLYFIRE 0/1 friendly fire on or off
VOTE% 0-100 changes the percentage of players needed to vote something
BONUS 0-5 frequency of bonuses 0-none, 5- lots
MAXPLAYERS 1-32 maximum players allowed on server
LOADCON reloads soldat.ini server settings
LOADLIST xxx loads the mapslist from xxx.txt
LOADWEP xxx reloads weapons.ini weapon settings or from file xxx.ini
GAMEMODE 0-6 changes the gamemode (0 DM, 1 PM, 2 TM, 3 CTF, 4 RM, 5 INF, 6 HTF)
REALISTIC 0/1 switches realistic mode
ADVANCE 0/1 switches advance mode
SURVIVAL 0/1 switches survival mode
KILL players name or players number kills/punishes the player
BANLAST like /kicklast, bans for 1 hour the last player that joined
UNBANLAST unbans the last player that was banned
LOBBY reregisters the server in the lobby
SAY text sends a text message to all players on the server

Client-Server commands:

ADMINLOG password used to login as game server admin
INFO retreives useful information from the server
MUTE players name or players number mutes the player so you don't see his chat
UNMUTE players name or players number unmutes the player
RECORD name records a demo stored in the Soldat\Demos folder
STOP stops the recording of a demo


Commands from a parameter:

These are parameters that can be used when running Soldat.exe:

- Soldat.exe -dedicated (starts a Soldat dedicated server)

- Soldat.exe -start (starts the game without entering the menu)

- Soldat.exe -dedicated -start (runs the dedicated server automatically)

- Soldat.exe -join IPnumber (port password)
(runs the game and connects to IPnumber , port and password are optional;
Soldat.exe -join
Soldat.exe -join 23073 tikikaka)

- Soldat.exe -demo name (freecam speed notexts extract)
(runs the game and plays the demo specified by name. Optional paramaters are:
freecam (0/1) - the user can freely change the camera (default 0)
speed (0-...%)- how quick the playback will be specified in percents (default 100%)
notexts (0/1) - no texts, menus or cursor will be displayed during playback (default 0)
extract (0/1) - extracts the demo to BMP files (default 0). Later they can be used to make an AVI file in a program like "Bmp2Avi".
The sound can be extracted with a program like "Total Recorder". Please note that this can take time and is not recommended on slower systems. For better results specify lower speed (like 50%).
Soldat.exe -demo demo12
Soldat.exe -demo demo19 1 200 1 0

- Soldat.exe -mod xxx (starts the game with a Soldat mod located in Soldat\Mods\xxx)



    The default key for Chat function is T (for team chat Y), to send it press ENTER.

Taunts - You can use ready taunts from the file TAUNTS.TXT (placed in the Soldat folder or your profile folder) by using the ALT key + alpha-numeric keyboard keys.

Teamchat - If you want your chat text to appear in the console only for your teammates insert "^" before the text, like this: ^Whats up!



    A dedicated server is used to run a faster Soldat server without a player.
You can do this in two ways:
1. In the SOLDAT.INI file, section NETWORK, find Dedicated=0, change it to Dedicated=1.

2. Run the game with the parameter -dedicated (Soldat.exe -dedicated). You can use the shortcuts in the Start Menu
 If you want the server to start the game automatically do this:
 - Run the game normally and enter the menu. Set all the game options (game mode, time limit, map list etc.)
 - Quit the game and the settings will be saved
 - Run Soldat with parameters -dedicated -start

Remote administration

Players from outside the server can control it. To give this option to a player add him to the Remote Admins list.
The commands for this are described here COMMANDS.

Game Ports

Important! - If you have a firewall you should open the UDP game ports
default: 23073 for the server (can be changed in Soldat Setup) , client uses a default port: 23083 (can't be changed)
There is an option to join firewall servers without opening the ports, but only through the lobby server (through the server list - forwarding).

The Soldat server uses the following ports:
UDP: game port (default 23073)
TCP/IP: admin port = game port (default 23073)
TCP/IP: files port = game port + 10 (default 23083)



The Soldat network Anti-Cheat Protection is based on two modules.

 Software company's developing multiplayer games spend millions of dollars, hundreds of hours,
the work of thousands of people are wasted to invent the perfect anti-cheat systems. All those systems are as good
as nothing because they forgot about one tiny little thing. The author of Soldat got the idea after 4 seconds of thinking.
Now Sierra and other On-Line industry giants can't stand it that they didn't think of it first. The first
Anti-Cheat Protection module in Soldat is simply:

 A request: "Please don't cheat while playing Soldat".

If that somehow doesn't work then please read this:

  Because of the Anti-Cheat protection system used in Soldat you
cannot use any hack tools like: memory finders, trainers, packet
editors, hex editors and dissasemblers while Soldat is running. It is
STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to CLOSE all programs running in
the background while Soldat is on. The use of hack tools will
degrade the game to a level it will no longer be playable.
Also editing the executable or other related files and cracking
the shareware protection will cause system instability and problems
with network play.
If this happens to you and you are sure you did not do anything
illegal please contact the author.

 Please remember that this is a small shareware game made by one man. If you try to break the game protection you
make harm to yourself because I can stop making the game if I'm without money and with overload of work making new anti-hack and anti-cheat systems all the time. If you want to hack something please concentrate on big company's like EA Games. Hacking a big commercial title will prove that you are good, please leave Soldat alone.



Current version:

1.4.2 (11.08.2007)

- Added new DM map Veoto, new INF maps inf_Industrial, inf_Argy
- Added compatibility for pre 1.4 weapon mods
- Added bullets from high ping players are rendered appropriately
- Added password to join url - soldat://IP:PORT/PASSWORD/
- Added seamless server support
- Modified most of the maps fixed and improved by Keron Cyst
- Modified htf_Void tripped over 90 degrees
- Modified logs and screenshots naming convention (first file ends with date and "01", second ends with "02" ...)
- Modified video compatibility is always on on Vista (no Unicode for Vista)
- Fixed extreme player warping with decent ping
- Fixed time passing by on game pause
- Fixed auto-updater bug
- Fixed knife could be thrown while invincible after respawn
- Fixed middle map respawn
- Fixed Vista Battleye bug when installed under "Program Files"

Previous public versions:

1.4.1 (02.06.2007)
- Added auto patch downloading
- Added /unpause command (/pause works only for pausing now)
- Modified yellow player left message changed to team color
- Modified bullet graphics
- Modified improved anti-lag
- Modified better netcode for high latency players
- Modified if minimap is disabled server-side no icons are shown on minimap
- Modified increased particle limit
- Modified console and kill console doesn't fade when players list is shown on higher resolutions
- Modified same taunt cannot be sent for 5 seconds
- Modified spectator can see all on minimap
- Modified removed greater self explosion damage
- Modified improved pinging servers, works with progress bar
- Modified parachutes can be dropped right after respawn
- Modified respawn counter is drawn behind console
- Modified default console font smaller (10 -> 9)
- Modified minigun has less recoil when crouching and prone, more when standing
- Modified minor adjustments to weapons.ini and weapons_realistic.ini
- Fixed more map bugs
- Fixed Airpirates wrong map version bug
- Fixed network player bullets appearing correctly according to ping
- Fixed errors when starting game (no need for compatibility mode)
- Fixed resolution change and minimap not working (minimap won't have background on old video cards)
- Fixed lobby error messages
- Fixed unicode fonts display under Windows 98/SE
- Fixed killconsole graphics not aligned properly
- Fixed killconsole space between names is adjusted according to font size
- Fixed no secondary on server join
- Fixed kicking on servers with disabled weapons
- Fixed flamer flooding and ban
- Fixed team menu box dissapearing when players list show (now box is seen without text)
- Fixed minimap transparency set by soldat.ini "MiniMap_Transparency="
- Fixed survival mode alive players counter
- Fixed add bot text in singleplayer
- Fixed spectator cam on team change
- Fixed disconnect button now works while file downloading
- Fixed cancel button now works properly with server downloading and pinging
- Fixed taunts working with profiles
- Fixed spawning without secondary weapon on team change
- Fixed kits, flags and weapons reserving by players with higher ID (now closest one picks it up)
- Fixed survival mode spectator join and return alive
- Fixed length of console after pressing chat key with fonts height scale greater than 125
- Fixed unicode chars typing in fullscreen
- Fixed "&" causing underline
- Fixed nade throw distance

1.4.0 (29.04.2007)
- Added new maps: ctf_Cobra, Island2k5, Leaf, inf_Messner, htf_Zajacz, htf_Prison, htf_Erbium, Factory, ctf_Steel, ctf_Ruins, ctf_Division, ctf_Conquest
- Added BattlEye anti-cheat engine integrated ("BattlEye_Anti_Cheat=" soldat.ini option)
- Added game screen resolution change (for registered players)
- Added minimap (F2 key; for registered players; "Disable_Minimap=" server-side option; "MiniMap_..." position and transparency options )
- Added new Soldat intro starring the Soldat ghost
- Added completely new lobby server uses reliable TCP/IP connection (http://rr.soldat.pl)
- Added color icons for server ping in servers list
- Added country flags in server list
- Added unicode support (for all menus; taunts)
- Added chatting with IME composition (for East Asian fonts)
- Added fonts size change option (more info: Soldat\Txt\fonts-help.txt)
- Added shadows under console and chat text
- Added font can be changed in menus through Soldat\Txt\font.ini (or language specific e.g. english.ini)
- Added default game keys shown in escape menu during the first 3 run times
- Added separate file "weapons_realistic.ini" for realistic mode weapon settings
- Added window resize option in Config (windowed mode can be stretched to fullscreen)
- Added transparency of bullet depends on bullet strength (the stronger it is, the more visible)
- Added team colored kill console
- Added team colored chat messages
- Added flags and weapons start blinking 5 seconds before disappearing
- Added suicide weapon shown in kill console
- Added recoil setting to weapon modifications (works in non-realistic mode)
- Added F9 hides Soldat to tray (Alt+Tab also)
- Added player catches on fire from lava polys
- Added transparency enabled on polygons
- Added server address added at end of gamestat.txt
- Added gamma brightness adjustment option (works only in fullscreen; right mouse button sets default value)
- Added PNG loading - if BMP not found in folder PNG is used
- Modified weapon balance (more info in Soldat\weapons.ini)

- Modified reworked and fixed maps (more info in file Soldat\Maps\Maps Change-log.txt)
- Modified bullets (except Barret, M79, LAW, Knife) lose 50% of power after screen distance and another 50% after 2 screens
- Modified bullet graphics for better visibility (files use PNG, but extension is BMP for mod compatibility)
- Modified new random texture used instead of blank.bmp (to prevent scenery delete cheating)
- Modified flamer does not kill owner
- Modified Alt+F3 hides player names on screen, F2 reserved for minimap
- Modified increased visibility of grenade trail
- Modified player does not lose points after team change
- Modified gun recoil behaviour in realistic mode (thx to Ramirez)
- Modified parachute cannot be dropped for 2 seconds after respawn
- Modified all suicides displayed as "Selfkill" in kill logs
- Modified grenades cause 50% more damage to owner
- Modified players can't unpause game if server is paused
- Modified log and screenshot filenames are timestamped now
- Modified picked up weapon doesn't have to be reloaded
- Modified weapons are higher and more visible when lying on ground
- Modified crouch and prone position give less recoil
- Modified players menu does not appear after kicking from server
- Modified registration restriction taken off font changing
- Modified grenade bink works on weapons with grenade throwing
- Modified flames behaviour and power
- Modified knife throw delay is slightly shorter
- Modified respawn counter background overlaps console text
- Modified faster server pinging
- Modified killconsole look; added spaces between kills; long names render smaller
- Modified taunts can be scrolled only after pressing chat button and not typing anything
- Modified Config program; added Troubleshooting FAQ button link
- Fixed Alt+Tab problems, Soldat now always minimizes to tray
- Fixed weapons mod MovementAcc hack
- Fixed "wrong map version" error when scenery count was less than 5
- Fixed hits not registering while player near collider and on ground shot at certain angle
- Fixed flooding server with taunt messages (only 3 the same can be sent)
- Fixed instant shot; avoiding startup time (for Barret and LAW) when weapons fire bar is reloaded
- Fixed Soldat starting suspended or page popping out when ad server down
- Fixed team change bug
- Fixed gun jamming when standing on dropped weapon and changing weapon
- Fixed mouse cursor display with sensitivity other than 100%
- Fixed "no bots" filter saving
- Fixed idle kicking during paused game
- Fixed Soldat resizer screen hack
- Fixed parachute network problems
- Fixed flames in network bug
- Fixed flooding server with taunt messages (only 3 the same can be sent)
- Fixed chat text reappearing after erasing whole text
- Fixed not being able to vote for 2:00 minutes after team change
- Fixed map sector bug (when more than 255 polys in sector)
- Fixed textures not loading from Mod directory
- Fixed weapon and gostek graphic restrictions (weapons no larger than 64x64, gostek 16x16).
- Fixed player weapons settings in hand not changing after loading new weapon mod
- Fixed messed up menu graphics on first installation and game start
- Fixed Barrett typo (not changed in weapons.ini for compatibility)
- Fixed explosion damage not calculated using anti-lag (like bullets)
- Fixed player colors using transparency (no-head exploit)
- Fixed weather effect sound not working with sound volume
- Fixed grenade and M79 trail position
- Fixed file download exploit

1.3.1 (09.12.2005)
- Added join spectator team button in team select menu
- Added new maps: DesertWind, htf_Rubik, ctf_Maya2, ctf_Lanubya (winner of ESL mapping contest) (by grand_diablo),
Blox, ctf_Snakebite, ctf_Ash (by chakapoko maker), htf_Dusk (by Michal), htf_Muygen (by The Geologist),
remakes: ctf_Death2 (by grand_diablo, NuZZ and MM), ctf_Dropdown2 (by Boxo, wp's by Keron Cyst)
- Added new secret ownage command
- Added file readonly.txt to prevent downloading certain files (original maps and sceneries cannot be downloaded)
- Added new anti-cheat solutions
- Added new command: /loadlist X (loads maplist from file X.txt);
- Added new command: /lobby (reregisters the server in the lobby server)
- Added log files split after reaching 512KB of size
- Added png and jpg files are supported by the file download system
- Modified default gostek graphics changed to EVO Gostek (by Michal)
- Modified fixes in maps: ctf_Equinox, ctf_Voland, ctf_B2b + all maps recompiled with PolyWorks
- Modified weapon balance (check weapons.ini for details)
- Modified all maps can be changed or voted in the in-game map change menu
- Modified all weapons must be reloaded after pick-up (prevents reload exploits)
- Modified can't vote until 2 minutes pass after server join
- Modified grenades don't explode on corpses (prevents lag bugs)
- Modified if texture can't be downloaded for map default one is loaded
- Modified all weapons bullets (except Barret, M79 and LAW) lose power after long distance (1 or more screens, to prevent blind spraying)
- Modified weapon can't be reloaded if is fully loaded
- Modified Barret has more movement speed aim penalty and has short wait time before firing
- Modified M79 gives 30% more self damage
- Modified knife throwing - speed of knife depends on how long you hold the throw button
- Fixed extreme bink on respawn
- Fixed lobby registering errors in non-dedicated server game
- Fixed yellow player name still after thrown away flag
- Fixed flame whizz sound
- Fixed players using the same file for headgear
- Fixed Spas-12 reload exploit
- Fixed grenade not exploding in close hit
- Fixed invisible LAW bug
- Fixed Soldat not compatible with some background programs
- Fixed blue team caps worth 20 instead of 25 points
- Fixed mp5 clip falling out
- Fixed killing through wall
- Fixed flames hit colliders
- Fixed various game and manual typing mistakes
- Fixed when player joined paused game his game wasn't paused
- Fixed server does not send messages to non-authenticated admin clients
- Fixed two grenades being thrown on server when player had a chainsaw
- Fixed autorecording start on map change

1.3 (05.08.2005)
- Added new gamemode: Hold the Flag
- Added new maps: htf_Mare (by Demonic/Legend), Daybreak, inf_Moonshine (by chakapoko maker), htf_Void (by MM),
ctf_Nuubia (by Troskal) htf_Boxed, htf_Futura, htf_Nuclear (by grand_diablo), htf_Arch (by Sticky)
htf_Desert (by DeMonIc), Airpirates (by Ville)
- Added possibility to throw away flag (press jump + crouch buttons at once, default W + S)
- Added dodge move - pressing the jets button while jumping backwards makes the player do a back-flip
- Added flames from flamer stick to victim and make him die slowly in pain, flames can stick to other people
- Added team player names appear on screen borders (F2 key turns this on/off)
- Added bullet statistics after kill (distance of shot, airtime and number of ricochets)
- Added add, delete to favourite servers list buttons. List holds now server names, IPs, ports and passwords.
- Added reason and voter displayed on map or kick vote
- Added when playing on a weapons mod server all weapon statistics are shown in weapons menu
- Added when selecting weapons little help messages appear (for new players, dissappears after few runs of game)
- Added autocomplete button (Tab), when you type the beginning of someones name and hit Tab it will auto complete
- Added more chat text can be typed and shown (long texts are scaled so they fit screen)
- Added spectator can use free cam by pressing jump button (default W button)
- Added names appear next to players when in spectator mode
- Added menu option to specify amount of kills/deaths to win/lose weapon in advance mode
- Added selection of No weapon for secondary
- Added penalty time in Infiltration and HTF when teams are uneven
(points are added every 5 seconds + 2 seconds for every uneven team member)
- Added penalty for capture points in Infiltration when teams are uneven
(30 points for capture - 5 points for every red team member more)
- Added full weapons modifications (edited in a file 'weapons.ini'),
servers with weapons mods have a prefix '(WM)' in their name
- Added Infiltration and HTF options in soldat.ini -
Blue_Points_Time (time for blue team to get point in seconds); Red_Points_Capture (amount of points for capture);
HTF_Points_Time (time to get point in seconds)
- Added soldat.ini options Max_Flood_Warnings, Max_Ping_Warnings, (warnings until kick),
MaxConnections (max file server connections, tweak this if server crashes on map download)
Disable_AntiCheat_Kick (basicly disables anti-cheat), TooMuch_Packets_*, Flooding_Packets_*
(specifies amount of packets from client when flooding occurs)
- Added soldat.ini options for setting packet send rate T1_*, works when connection type is set to T1 (Internet_Connection=3)
example: T1_Snapshot=40, sends this packet every 40 ticks (60 ticks = 1 second).
- Added KillConsole_Length and MainConsoleLength value to soldat.ini
- Added running Soldat mods through "-mod" parameter ex. "Soldat.exe -mod HarryPotter" - loads all graphics, sounds and txt files
from folders in Soldat\Mods\HarryPotter
- Added file "Soldat\Txt\font.ini", allows to change in-game font (useful for mods and translations)
- Added flame animations are now in different files than explosion (for mod-makers)
- Added files "m2-2.bmp" and "bow-2.bmp" so these weapons don't have to be symmetrical (for mod-makers)
- Added client command "/info" - displays info from server about address, timelimit, nextmap etc.
- Added command "/loadwep" for reloading 'weapons.ini', useful for tweaking settings
- Added /loadwep command works with other files eg. /loadwep weapons121 (loads weapons121.ini settings)
- Added command "/loadcon" for reloading the config file (soldat.ini) while in-game, useful for tweaking network settings
- Added command "/gamemode X" for changing gamemodes (X = 0 DM, 1 PM, 2 TM, 3 CTF, 4 RM, 5 INF, 6, HTF)
- Added commands: "/advance 0-1", "/realistic 0-1", "/survival 0-1", for changing server game settings (eg. /realistic 1)
- Added command "/unbanlast" unbans last vote/server/admin ban
- Added command "/banlast" (similar to /kicklast, bans the last person that entered the server, ban works for 1 hour)
- Added command "/kill X" (X can be player's number or name) (of course this is an admin command)
- Added packet send rate adjusting depending on number of players (smoother play with few players, less bandwidth cost for lots
of players, can be turned off in soldat.ini 'PacketRate_Adjusting=0')
- Added working pause for server and players
- Added if player which is being voted on leaves the game then he gets temporarily banned
- Added different files of gostek for second team (for mods, possibility of two different looking teams)
- Added different files for weapon muzzle fires (for mods)
- Added F8 button for fast forwarding demo playing
- Added new anti-cheat detection methods
- Added self-bink on auto weapons - gun becomes innacurate while auto-firing
- Modified all weapons rebalanced
- Modified weapons: shotgun has more kickback, less horizontal boost for minigun
- Modified LAW has startup time, hold fire for about 0.3 seconds to fire
- Modified bodies preserve velocity after death
- Modified survival mode round ends when everybody on team is killed in CTF and capture point is added for winners
- Modified in survival mode all players and flags respawn after round end
- Modified player joining a survival mode game is dead until end of round
- Modified flame god mode time is shorter (10 seconds) and works on all gamemodes
- Modified flamer is not lost after flame god mode, can be thrown away after but dissapears
- Modified increased radius of pick up (flags, boxes, weapons) slightly
- Modified cursor gets bigger when bink effect occurs (eg. when hit by bullet holding Barret)
- Modified when calling a vote you need to type the reason for the vote
- Modified can't call a vote for 2 minutes after previous vote
- Modified chat taunts are automaticly sent after pressing Alt+key, after pressing the chat button they can be selected the old way
- Modified mp3 music volume is independent from sound volume (Music volume option works for mp3)
- Modified console is more transparent when weapons and team menu show up
- Modified disabled "/adminpass" command in dedicated server, for security reasons
- Modified "mapslist.txt" is reloaded every map change
- Modified flags are dropped not respawned after player disconnect
- Modified ricochet angle is slightly larger
- Modified rambomatch: players can't kill each other if someone is rambo
- Modified bullet hit damage ratio for head, 5% less damage (current ratios: legs 90%, torso 100%, head 115%)
- Modified network bullet start position according to player ping and bullet owners ping
- Modified spectator cam is faster
- Modified flood kick ban is 20 minutes now
- Modified capture points for player = 20 points
- Modified game admins cannot be kicked
- Modified server is automaticly unpaused if all players disconnect
- Modified idle kick time lowered to 3 minutes
- Modified "/setteam5" works on all game modes
- Modified automatic ping sort works only after whole list is downloaded or cancel pressed
- Modifed or fixed maps Arena2, ctf_B2b, ctf_Viet
- Fixed grenade selfkilling
- Fixed chainsaw collision so it is possible to massacre bodies
- Fixed not being able to chat on map change
- Fixed time does not flow if game is paused
- Fixed mp3 playing when list loops
- Fixed Advance mode cheat allowing to pick a disabled weapon with the keyboard
- Fixed server host bullet hit boost effect
- Fixed LAW exploit (dropped LAW must be reloaded)
- Fixed alt+F4 doesn't make a screenshot
- Fixed server-client time synchronization
- Fixed friendly fire for clients (team players don't bleed if it is off)
- Fixed if holding two weapons of the same kind - losing both when throwing one away
- Fixed bug when dead guys bullet didn't do any damage
- Fixed kills console fades when showing players menu
- Fixed M79 wall bug
- Fixed fast shot piercing wall bug
- Fixed causes of weapon jamming after reload
- Fixed causes of mute bug
- Fixed causes of invisible bullets in multiplayer
- Fixed wave respawn in dedicated server (if there are few players it takes less seconds to respawn)
- Fixed "biodro.bmp", "biodro2.bmp" and "reka.bmp"
- Fixed player does not join same team if chosen from change team menu (can be used for canceling the menu)
- Fixed paused server can be joined
- Fixed modified animations bug
- Fixed no respawn time showing after changing team from spectator
- Fixed changing video mode when joining server with wrong password
- Fixed soldat.ini value "Record_Time=", time in minutes of the autodemo rerecording
- Fixed all filelogs are now updated every minute only (can be specified in soldat.ini "LogFilesUpdate=")
- Fixed realistic mode visibility point, so players with head in ceiling are visible

1.2.1 (26.10.2004)
Added Auto map downloading from server
Added Bullet and missile ricochets
Added New Advance Mode
Added Bullet time effect
Added Auto recording feature
Added Mute player option (commands: /mute, /unmute)
Added Option to take screenshot on final score
Added Bots aim better with Barret and Ruger on Impossible level
Added Weapons aim is affected by bullet hits (the bink effect)
Added Aim is affected more by player speed
Added In CTF health and grenade boxes spawn on players team side, player can pick up enemy boxes and "steal" them on his side
Added Players get kicked from server after 5 minute idle time
Added Console messages are transparent after pressing F1
Added Option to disable sniper line server-side in soldat.ini
Added New map anti-hack system
Added New voting system with menu for selecting "yes" or "no"
Added Server makes an automatic kick vote if cheating is detected to prevent unfortunate bans
Added Weapon muzzle collision detection with polygons and colliders to prevent hidden camping
Added Grenade and medikit boxes can be hit by bullets on LAN
Added Parachute drops off after pressing jets button
Added /maxplayers to commands list in manual
Added New buttons for mp3 playing: F6 - Previous song; F7 - Next Song
Added New DM maps: remake of old HH, Bigfalls, Tropiccave
Added New CTF maps: ctf_Chernobyl, ctf_Crashed, ctf_Dropdown, ctf_Equinox, ctf_Maya
Added New INF map: inf_Invasion
Modified Mp3's are now played only through .m3u lists (put them in the \Mp3 folder)
Modified Minigun has less bullet spray
Modified Ak-74 has slightly more power
Modified Cursor is 2 times smaller with sniper line
Modified Kill console is longer
Modified Death ambient sound
Modified Guns stay 5 seconds longer
Modified Maps: ctf_B2b, ctf_Voland, Arena2 and other minor map changes
Modified No limit for unregistered version demo recordings
Modified More recoil in realistic mode for Ruger 77
Modified Survival mode enabled in Pointmatch and CTF
Modified Servers list sorts by ping after request
Modified Health and grenade box don't spawn at the same place after picking up
Modified Explosions have less impact on flags
Fixed Double shooting law exploit
Fixed Server filter options not saved
Fixed Flag collisions with map and player
Fixed Mp3 playing during intro
Fixed Spectators being kicked for cheating
Fixed Soldat window showing on the center of desktop instead of screen (for multi-monitor systems)
Fixed Space button could not be assigned to keys
Fixed Soldier shivering on horizontal polygons

1.2.0 (21.01.2004)
- Added demo recording (F8 key)
- Added new gameplay intro
- Added smooth polygon edges
- Added spectator mode
- Added player jet flames color can be changed for registered players
- Added registered players will have a star next to their name on the players list
- Added fast bullets pierce soldiers body
- Added close and fast bullet shots are more brutal
- Added grenades, M79 bullets and LAW missiles explode from each other
- Added remakes of old maps: Arena3 and ctf_Death
- Added smoke after explosion
- Added new explosion effects
- Added small effect on flag capture
- Added new secret animation
- Added sound when time appears in console
- Added stationary gun use sound
- Added every weapon has different bullet and shell graphics
- Added total game texts localisation, localised files placed in Soldat\Txt\Languages
- Added in-game statistics in Logs\GameStat.txt (updated every 30 seconds)
- Added log.txt and consolelog.txt saved in Logs directory with numbers (for dedicated server)
- Added custom profile taunts saved in Soldat\Profiles
- Added players number display in non-team games in players list
- Added network compression (if causes lag on slower machines can be disabled in Soldat.ini)
- Added network code optimisation (less server bandwidth)
- Added LAW and M79 grenade explode if hit player but lag does not show it
- Added more anti-cheat solutions
- Added remote admins can always join server even if full
- Added spectator can switch to the previous player with jets button (default: right mouse click)
- Added game can be joined from parameter with password ex. Soldat.exe 23073 password
- Added server joining through URL address ex. type in browser soldat://
- Added protection against invalid characters in name (only keyboard chars allowed)
- Added names cannot be empty or have spaces in the end
- Added two players can't have the same name (player name changes by server)
- Added double pressing the command key '/' enters the last typed command
- Added pressing the command key '/' displays corresponding player numbers in players menu (F1)
- Added /Kick and /Ban commands can work with player numbers or names now ex. /Kick 2 or /Kick Loser
- Added new server commands:
/addbot1 [name], /addbot2, /addbot3, /addbot4 - for adding team bots
/setteam1 [number], setteam2, setteam3, setteam4 - forces the player to join team
/kicklast - kicks the player that last joined the server
/respawntime [seconds] - changes the respawn time
/maxrespawntime [seconds] - changes the maximum respawn time in team games
/limit [number] - changes the current game limit (kills/points/captures)
/timelimit [minutes] - changes the current time limit
/bonus [number] - changes the frequency of bonuses
/friendlyfire [0/1] - changes friendly fire settings
/vote% [0-100] - changes the percentage of players needed to vote on a map or kick
/password [word] - changes temporarily the server password
/adminpass [word] - changes the remote admin password
/adminlog [password] - for client, logs in as a remote admin on the server using password
- Fixed player-map collision, no more sliding, less polygon holes
- Fixed flag collision bugs
- Fixed player can't move with no weapon if prone
- Fixed idle animations not to interrupt firing
- Fixed various map polygon bugs
- Fixed some joining server issues
- Fixed pick-up medikit health lag on client
- Fixed LAW not disappearing bug
- Fixed pinging servers with the same IP
- Fixed "lobby forward" join and ping issues
- Fixed flag appearing in wrong places on client
- Fixed player getting kicked if didn't choose weapon and USSOCOM was disabled
- Fixed two bows bug when one bow was knocked out
- Fixed warp effect on client if player stood still and was shot
- Fixed chat messages are now guaranteed to arrive on server
- Fixed profile settings not working
- Fixed link on profile selection screen
- Fixed "List out of bounds" error if profile was deleted and used
- Fixed game not saving some settings when started with "-start" parameter
- Fixed Spas-12 reload issues
- Fixed soldier doesn't play grenade animations or sounds if can't throw grenade
- Fixed reload sound stops if player dies, throws out or changes weapon
- Fixed player could not get up with default key if reloading
- Fixed gun jammed when fired quickly after weapon change
- Fixed player couldn't lose weapon if crouching or prone and other no weapon issues
- Fixed double Spas-12 reload sound
- Fixed Spas-12 shooting at self sometimes on client
- Fixed M79 throwing out tons of shells bug
- Fixed player can roll now when reloading
- Fixed player could not get up if had no weapon
- Fixed jumping backwards
- Fixed player fired after clicking vote map or kick
- Fixed weapons being more accurate when shot down-right or up-left
- Fixed stationary gun flying bug
- Fixed player losing weapon if picked up gun while changing weapons
- Fixed weapon created with no force applied on client
- Fixed time display in players menu
- Fixed spawn effect team color
- Fixed wrong message displayed on top of players list if there was a tie in team games
- Fixed clanmatch option
- Fixed player death animaton issues on client
- Fixed player could not play idle animations if had no weapon
- Fixed cursor player info not showing if team player was not standing or dead
- Fixed player not disconnected if pressed Alt+F4
- Fixed window not restoring properly after Alt+Tab or minimize
- Fixed display of names containing character '|' in dedicated server panel
- Modified functional keys: F4 - screenshot, F8 - record demo, F9 - minimize, F10 - pause
- Modified player gets point for killing Rambo, player loses point if kills non-Rambo
- Modified realistic mode field of view, you can not see what is behind you now
- Modified realistic mode fall damage (only falling hurts, doesn't kill instantly)
- Modified range of Barret scope increases slowly
- Modified stationary gun layout on ctf_Kampf
- Modified jet fuel regenerates 2 times faster when on ground
- Modified stationary gun overheats after time and is less accurate after while of firing
- Modified LAW can be fired while prone
- Modified can use jet boots while rolling
- Modified flamer does not kill owner
- Modified flamer has longer distance
- Modified physics - player speed affects bullets speed
- Modified physics - player speed is not limited (1.0xb M79 tricks possible)
- Modified bullets have more power impact on bodies (head shots are more spectacular)
- Modified hit point power ratio:
head shot was: 110% is: 120%
torso shot is: 100%
leg shot was: 80% is: 90%
- Modified weapons stats:
Auto weapons: power increased slightly
FN Minimi: reload time decreased
M79: speed increased by 5%
LAW: shorter reload time, can be fired only from full crouch or prone, 1 second delay on start
Chainsaw: is stronger and has less ammo
- Modified respawn time in team games can't be less than 2 seconds to prevent immediate respawn
- Modified multi kill messages
- Modified big kill text ('killed by ...') can't be very large
- Modified cursor does not center on respawn
- Modified player name can hold 4 more characters
- Modified background colors on most of the maps
- Modified M79 bullet is more visible
- Modified bigger, more brutal blood
- Modified join and leave player messages are now team color coded
- Modified chat message color
- Modified maximum chat message letters
- Modified stereo sound listener is now on player (you hear what your player hears, like you would be him)
- Modified vote map and vote kick rules (default 33%+1 players needed to vote on something)
- Modified team respawn counter sets smaller seconds values
- Modified remote admins cannot be banned
- Modified can play now with modified animations over network
- Modified file logging is disabled by default because of performance issues
- Modified log files - new format, unified date and time
- Modified Terminator bot updated with new Terminator 3 quotes!

plus Soldat 1.1.5 fix:
- Fixed 2 flags bug
- Fixed bullets and explosions crazy multiplying on lag
- Fixed weapon lose bug
- Fixed weapon selection with keyboard if weapons disabled
- Fixed client kill log file issues
- Fixed players wrong respawn after map change
- Fixed stationary gun bullet trail
- Modified stationary gun bullet explode sound
- Modified weapon graphics size restrictions

1.1.5 (13.07.2003)
- Added stationary gun (M2 machine gun on some maps)
- Added maps: Krab and ctf_Kampf (old version remake)
- Added new lethal knife throw
- Added option to disable USSOCOM, Knife, Chainsaw or LAW
- Added LAN servers search option
- Added "Never forward through lobby" for server option in setup
- Added flames from flame bow
- Added "Sniper Line" option (line between player and cursor)
- Added option to easily add admins in dedicated server
- Added server is now protected from "connect" flooding
- Added protection against weapon graphics cheat
- Added protection against animation, objects cheat
- Fixed various map bugs
- Fixed weapon losing bugs
- Fixed flag missing bug when player out of map bounds
- Fixed secondary weapon cheat
- Fixed map maker cheat
- Fixed modem jet cheat
- Fixed missing and modified map scenery bug
- Fixed weapons menu not showing when all primary weapons disabled
- Fixed kills count display on right
- Fixed bot problems when secondary weapons disabled
- Modifed weapons menu button locks the menu
- Modifed LAW reload is slightly faster
- Modified chainsaw now has reload time and is weaker
- Modifed jetpack can be used when crouched, prone and parachute on
- Modifed LAW missile smoke slightly
- Modified options layout
- Improved some map visuals and spawn points

1.1.4 (13.06.2003)
- Added new anti-lag system
- Added parachutes (when respawn is high)
- Added new maps: ctf_Voland, inf_Fortress
- Added new interface: Storm
- Added time and number of players displayed in players menu
- Added new secret player animation
- Added player raises weapon above teammate when crouching
- Added modifiable weapon names in 'txt\weaponnames.txt'
- Added option to choose secondary weapon
- Added new secondary weapon: Combat Knife
- Added new secondary weapon: Chainsaw
- Added new secondary weapon: M72 LAW
- Added /kill and /brutalkill commands for client
- Added flames effect when scored in Infiltration
- Added buttstock hit in close combat
- Added "points to leader" displayed in players status
- Added button (default Tab) to open/close weapons menu while dead
- Added server web page link or admins e-mail displayed in servers lobby page
- Added possibility to go prone when running fast or off ground (stunts)
- Added clients can join servers behind firewall forwarded through lobby
- Added servers list displays server system (Linux or Windows)
- Added flag capture info in console
- Fixed "no flag" not displayed in Infiltration
- Fixed some wrong map version
- Fixed banned for cheating issues
- Fixed wrong spawning when out of map bounds
- Fixed rolling with fists
- Fixed flames from flamer not showing on client
- Fixed flamer bonus cheat
- Fixed "scenery modified" bug when file not present
- Fixed team chat button disabled in non-team games
- Fixed flag stays with player when changing teams
- Fixed bullets and grenades duplicating on client
- Fixed jet fuel bug on map change
- Fixed Spas-12 could not be fired while reloading
- Fixed "Time left" in console minutes count
- Fixed "2 minutes" warning freeze
- Improved network gameplay
- Improved visuals and playability on some maps
- Changed Ruger 77 is now faster
- Changed long fall kills in realistic mode
- Changed map voting starts when first map vote starts
- Changed console text timings and length
- Changed points and team score doesn't decrease from self kills
- Changed and fixed flag capture messages

1.1.3 (07.03.2003)
Fixed spawn point bugs
- Fixed sliding when lying down
- Fixed Spas-12 pellets duplicating on network game
- Fixed desert eagles shooting one bullet on network
- Fixed Infiltration points counting when paused
- Fixed mp3 player next function
- Fixed non-passworded servers checking for password
- Fixed server settings applying on clients
- Fixed some connection problem issues
- Fixed in realistic mode carried flag visible if player isn't
- Fixed dying being too brutal sometimes in network game
- Fixed polygon sinking bug
- Fixed certain scenery element acting as liana in new maps
- Fixed weapon firing dummy bullet when grenade thrown on clients
- Fixed bad fire animation, sound coordination with bullet in network
- Fixed "invalid filename" error coming up when deleted interface
- Fixed USSOCOM firing on network
- Fixed config file loosing settings problem
- Fixed some certain map problems
- Added deaths counter in players score list
- Added punching someone knocks out his weapon
- Added message shown when lobby server is not responding
- Added game menu click sound
- Added grenade trail drawing
- Added bot with favourite weapon = Hands uses only fists
- Added little dust on bullet ground hit spot
- Added ALT+X can be used with binded taunts
- Added Team Chat button (default Y)
- Changed ping kick not to be so restrictive
- Changed player hit spots are more important (especially in Realistic Mode)
- Changed player can walk on some big slopes
- Changed kill message colors

- Fixed connecting problems - "free cam bug"
- Fixed prone get up, get down bug in network games
- Fixed roof respawn and collision bug on some maps
- Fixed game menu displaying
- Fixed sliding when prone in some situations
- Added team auto balance option in CTF & Infiltration
- Added version number to ASE rules
- Added information in console about Survival or Realistic mode
- Changed Rambo bow respawn on Bridge map
- Changed team game servers show max. respawn time on servers lists

1.1.1 (05.02.2003)
- Fixed spawning on top of maps
- Fixed clients crash when host changes team
- Fixed connection problems on map change and voting
- Fixed some Anti-Cheat problems
- Fixed some conflicts with background programs
- Fixed some map and collision bugs
- Fixed spawn on death place bug
- Fixed some file access errors
- Fixed ASE showing bad respawn time
- Fixed Soldat removing from process list after Alt+F4
- Removed intro loading when joining game from param
- Removed GameStat.txt causing some I/O errors
- Changed soldier is slightly faster now
- Improved Ping All on request servers list
- Added one click on server pings it
- Added last server placed in favourites list
- Added registered user name in the exit menu
- Added File Logging in Setup Performance tab

1.1.0 (03.02.2003)
List of changes wasn't kept.
Most important:
- New game mode: Infiltration
- New game option: Realistic mode
- New maps and some re-made old ones
- New graphics (about 60 new scenery elements)
- New sounds (also about 60)
- New music tracks and mp3 player
- New customizable profiles and interfaces
- New Anti-Cheat protection

1.0.5b (23.08.2002)
- Better network code
- New servers browser
- New bonus: Cluster Grenades
- Bonuses are selectable now
- New game option: Survival Mode
- Added Time Limit
- New customizable player appearance (hair, helmets, chains)
- Improved corpse bleading
- New animation and way of throwing grenades
- Aiming is much harder when moving
- Slower M79 reload
- All weapons have more power now except M79 & Barret
- Fixed little Alt+Tab problem
- New idle animations
- Berserker powers your weapons x4 now
- Clanmatch option
- Dedicated server doesn't use the whole CPU now
- Dedicated server can be minimized to the tray
- New editable server welcome message
- Dedicated server can communicate with the game players now
- Dedicated server can run from a parameter now
- Number of players in team are shown when selecting a team
- Restart game and nextmap option
- Players ban option
- You can turn off the changing bonus screen color (ATI problem)
- Respawn time is 2 times longer after suicide
- You get -1 points after suicide and teamkill in Pointmatch, CTF and Teammatch
- Option for showing real lag on objects
- Taking screenshots is now available
- Soldat Map Maker 1.0.1b (fixed some minor bugs, added grid option)
- New music track (Gore)

1.0.4b (06.08.2002)
- Added defensive obstacles
- Player names under cursor
- New map: ctf_Laos
- Improved font visibility
- Improved grenade and bullets visibility
- Desert Eagle Akimbo
- Major weapon tweaking
- Multikill Combos in Pointmatch
- Bonus time decreased for 5 seconds
- Improved dedicated server
- Fixed some major network bugs
- Fixed repeating messages problem
- Fixed network bugs with flags
- Fixed some possible cheats in network game
- Fixed bug with vanishing grenades
- Window size doesn't change anymore when Large Fonts is on
- New sound for picking up the vest
- Jetpack has more fuel now but loads slower
- Added Soldat Map Maker 1.0b

1.0.3b (29.07.2002)
- Major weapon modifications
- Fixed bug with clones
- Fixed bug in the servers list ("out of bounds")
- Fixed some bugs in a network game ("access violation")
- Fixed bug with flags in network game
- New dedicated server

1.0.2b (28.07.2002)
- Added new bonuses: Predator, Flame God, Bulletproof Vest, Berserker
- Fixed network code (working guaranteed packets)
- Fixed lots of bugs in a network game
- Option to name the server
- New sounds
- Minigun has smaller recoil
- Player with the BarretM82A1 can see 10% more
- Teamchat option
- Force software mode option

1.0.1b (24.07.2002)
- Added sound device configuration
- Added video device configuration
- Fixed bug caused by bad host address
- You can return to the game after pressing Alt+Tab now
- Fixed Options (Respawn Time & Mouse Sensitivity)
- More balanced weapons
- New animations
- Lobby Servers support
- Favourite servers option
- Player bleeds when hurt
- Added option to change port in Join Game
- Chat always appears in console in a network game now

1.0.0b ()
- 2 new maps: Cambodia & Arena3
- 2 new CTF maps: ctf_Run & ctf_Death
- Drasticly improved network code
- Better play on high pings
- Colored dot Lag-o-meter
- Improved bot navigation on maps
- Camera shows the winner of the game now
- Weapon tweaking
- Spas-12 has a recoil now
- More blood and other ornaments
- Improved dedicated server
- Added arrow that shows the player after respawn
- New two-colored gradient backgrounds
- Added players limit option
- Added maps list option
- Optimized maps
- Soldat Manual
- Added intro with music
- Added music during the game
- Improved sounds (new fly sound)

0.9.9b - third public beta (29.06.2003)
- Added kill limit option
- New game mode : Teammatch
- New game mode : Capture the Flag
- Added changeable skin color
- Added players and team status
- 3 new small maps : Fest, Mikra & Bunker
- 2 new CTF maps : ctf_Kampf & ctf_Viet
- Improved medikits and grenade boxes
- Added scene Antialiasing option
- New Select Weapon menu

0.9.7b - second public beta (14.06.2002)
- New network code base on UDP
- New game mode : Rambo Style
- Added 2 Bow types in Rambo Style
- 2 new maps : Karh & Cave
- Added scenery graphics (grass, rubble, wood etc.)
- Changed weapon M4-Carbine to Steyr-AUG
- Better gameplay (more health)
- Weapon tweaking
- Added medikits and grenade boxes
- Maximum 6 grenades
- Soldat Config
- Added Ceasefire Time after respawn
- Removed the quit game problem
- Ready taunts option in Taunts.txt file
- Added controls change option
- Added server password option
- Added dedicated server option
- Removed shortcut problem (caused no sound)
- Bots are much smarter: they run away from grenades etc.
- Bots can talk and have their own opinions for life

0.9.4b - first public beta (09.05.2002)
- 7 maps
- 2 game modes : Deathmatch & Pointmatch
- Network code based on Directplay

0.0.0 - Soldat doesn't exist




Soldat and all the file formats the program produces are
Copyright (C) 2001-07 Michal Marcinkowski. All rights reserved.



Soldat is a Shareware application. It is fully playable.
If you like the game please consider registering.



Provided that you verify that you are distributing the
Shareware Version you are hereby licensed to:
a. make as many copies of the Shareware version of this software
and documentation as you wish
b. give exact copies of the original Shareware version to anyone
c. distribute the Shareware version of the software and
documentation in its unmodified form via electronic means
(e-mail, web page, diskette, CD including magazine Cover CDs)

There is no charge for any of the above.

You may not, for any purpose, distribute copies of registered
versions of this software, documentation or related materials
to any third-parties.



No portion of this software may be disassembled, reverse
engineered, decompiled, modified or altered.

All graphics and sounds may be modified except maps and scenery files.
Modified graphics and sounds can be distributed for free as game MODs.

This Software is supplied "as is" and no liability will be
accepted by Michal Marcinkowski or any legal vendors of this
software for any damage incurred by the use of this software.

Neither directly nor indirectly you cannot rent or sell by any means
this software.



    Soldat: Programming, Graphics, Sound, Music, Story;),
 Soldat Lobby Server, Soldat Dedicated Server (Linux and Windows),
 Soldat Map Maker, Soldat Interface Maker, Soldat Admin, Soldat Setup,
 Manual, Soldat Home Page:


Michal Marcinkowski (michal.marcinkowski<at>gmail.com)


 Soldat Dedicated Server maintained by EnEsCe.
 Soldat Lobby Server maintained by FliesLikeABrick.


    Game music (Bloody Soil, Gore, Necromancide) by BSG (Guitar Pro tabulatures)

Additional maps: 
Airpirates-XT by Evil Ville and remake by X-Tender
Bigfalls, Daybreak, inf_Moonshine, Blox, ctf_Snakebite, ctf_Ash, Island2k5 by chakapoko maker
Tropiccave by Avarax
Factory by viggoloniggolo
ctf_Chernobyl, ctf_Equinox by Doggfather
ctf_Crashed by Deo
ctf_Dropdown, ctf_Dropdown2, 
ctf_Division (and Vigg) by Boxo
inf_Normandy by Enjoyincubus
htf_Arch by Sticky
ctf_Maya, htf_Boxed, htf_Futura, htf_Nuclear, DesertWind, htf_Rubik, ctf_Maya2, ctf_Lanubya, inf_Messner by grand_diablo
htf_Desert by DeMonIc
ctf_Nuubia by Troskal
htf_Dusk by Michal
htf_Muygen by The Geologist (waypoints by Keron Cyst)
ctf_Conquest, ctf_Cobra by Demonic
htf_Zajacz by Keron Cyst

Most waypoints and map fixes by Keron Cyst

Remakes - Ctf_Death by NuZZ, HH by Stalky, Arena2, ctf_Death2 by grand_diablo
Improved original maps - inf_Outpost, MrSnowman, Bridge, Bunker, ctf_Viet by Enjoyincubus
"Cabbage" interface by NightCabbage
"Micro1" interface by grand_diablo
"Lacey v2" interface by Urhos
"Soldat Style " interface by Michal

EVO Soldat gostek-gfx by Michal

Thanks to all the translators, I couldn't keep track who made what part of the translation, so just a big thanks for all who helped out the local communities. 

Tools and components used in development:

- Borland Delphi 6 (http://www.borland.com)
- DirectX 8 + Jedi DirectX 8 headers (http://www.microsoft.com; http://www.crazyentertainment.net; http://clootie.narod.ru)
- FMOD (http://www.fmod.org)
- Flatstyle (http://www.flatsyle.de)
- BlackUDP by Lifepower
- Mode Enumeration Unit from PowerDraw (c) Lifepower (http://turbo.gamedev.net)
- DCPcrypt by David Barton (http://www.cityinthesky.co.uk)
- JVCL (http://www.delphi-jedi.org)

Special thanks to:

+ For all of the Soldat Community! Everybody that mailed me and talked about Soldat on message boards, giving me good advice and motivating me
+ Warsztat (http://warsztat.pac.pl) - for their help in testing the betas
+ Thomasa Jakobsen from IO Interactive for his wonderful article (http://www.teknikus.dk/tj/gdc2001.htm).
+ Number27 for his tutorials (I don't have the address)
+ FliesLikeABrick for hosting and administering Soldat Forums (http://www.soldatforums.com/) and all the moderators
+ DNA.Styx for administrating the old Soldat Forums
+ the Soldat Community members, especially: Ardaen for helping with the anti-cheat and network code, b00stA for the URL shortcut and scripts, Hercules Poirot for the polygon bugs project and people who helped him
+ the Soldat Forums beta testing team
+ Dolny for hosting the first official web site, promotion and ideas
+ TRSSam for providing the first lobby server
+ Special special thanks for all those that tested Soldat and made it a better game (yes its you!)
+ In a short version I thank: the electric company, my computers, my keyboard, start menu, John Pascal (or whatever his name is), John 'god' Carmack, Bill G., Sylvester S., Arnold S. ...
+ To all that should be here but they didn't remind me that they should be here;)



E-mail : michal.marcinkowski<at>gmail.com
WWW : http://www.soldat.pl
Soldat Forums: http://www.soldatforums.com